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Tron 3 will commence filming this fall

Reboot your systems program. Directory Joseph Kosinski has been working on Tron 3, the sequel to Tron: Legacy, and now he’s ready to begin production this fall. Rumors of the sequel have been kicking around since 2013, but grew larger … Continue reading

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TRON: Next

So multiple sources are reporting that Disney has greenlit a script for a Tron: Legacy Sequel. This would be the 2nd or 3rd film in the series, depending on if you count the first film (and I think you should). … Continue reading

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Bambi Tron

Bambi Tron from Edison Chen. Nice!

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Literal TRON: Legacy Trailer

I love these parodies. It’s the TRON: Legacy trailer with just the literal description JEFF BRIDGES!

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TRON: Legacy Screenwriters discuss Mythology of Tron

One of the strengths of the movie TRON: Legacy was also one of its greatest weaknesses. The movie had to spend a large chunk of time inside the world of Tron. The screenwriters took the legacy of TRON seriously and … Continue reading

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