Toy Story

  • Behind the Scenes of Pixar’s Toy Story of Terror
    Behind the Scenes of Pixar’s Toy Story of Terror

    Pixar’s first foray into a television special premieres tonight with Toy Story of Terror! The gang is back, along with some new friends, as they explore the tropes associated with classic horror films. Light-heartedly, of course. “What I’m looking forward to the most is seeing the movie with the commercials,”…

  • Pixar’s Toy Story of Terror! TV Spot
    Pixar’s Toy Story of Terror! TV Spot

    It’s almost Halloween which means we’re just a few days away from rejoining Woody, Buzz, and the gang in an extra special and spooky TV special, Toy Story Of Terror! It promises to be a light hearted riff on horror movies as only Pixar can provide. Here’s the official synopsis:…

  • Live Action Toy Story
    Live Action Toy Story

    A terrific full length live action recreation of Pixar’s Toy Story has been completed shot-for-shot using actual toys and combination of stop motion animation. puppetry, and marionettes. Jonason Pauley, (17), and Jesse Perrotta (18) started production in late June 2010 and completed it in August of 2012. It’s a bit…

  • Finding Nemo 3D Review
    Finding Nemo 3D Review

    When I first heard that Disney had selected Pixar’s Finding Nemo to be one of the movies retooled for Disney digital 3D, I thought back to when I first saw the film in the theaters. Even back then I thought it would make a great 3D film. Many of the…

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