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Tokyo Disneyland Update: Entertainment Cast Can Go Home

As I fell asleep last night, word from Japan was that the nuclear power plant had experienced further problems with possibility of a larger leak of radiation. To make it worse, winds were shifting driving any radio active particles in … Continue reading

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Tokyo Disneyland closed to assess damage, Monorail testing underway

A few quick updates from Tokyo Disneyland. Although entertainment cast members had been called in to rehearse on Monday, the rehearsals were canceled due to rolling blackouts scheduled for mid-day at the resort. Cast Members are dealing with their own … Continue reading

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Tokyo Disneyland Earthquake Damage Video

Surfing around for some of the most illustrative videos of the damage in and around Tokyo Disneyland I’ve found the following samples. Evidence of damage like this just outside the gates of the parks, makes you wonder what it looks … Continue reading

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Video of Tower of Terror Attraction at Tokyo DisneySea Swaying in Earthquake

Update: More video from around Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Here’s a video taken by a park guest sitting in the safety of an open area of the Tokyo Disneyland Resort attraction Tower of Terror (similar to the American park’s Twilight Zone … Continue reading

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Anaheim and Long Beach

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