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Disneyland starts photographing multi-day ticket holders

There were reports today that Disneyland has begun taking photos of guests entering the theme park and associating those images with their admission media. The need to combat fraud inspired the move. Un-authorized ticket resellers have been building multi-day tickets … Continue reading

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DreamWorks Announces Plans for 2nd Theme Park, This Time Near Disney in Shanghai

Last month a DreamWorks Animation ‘theme park’ was announced as part of a shopping and entertainment complex that is under construction at the Meadowlands site in New Jersey. This DreamWorks location would be small, about 15 acres, and part of … Continue reading

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A Dreamworks Themepark in New Jersey? Maybe

Dreamworks Animation was born out of Sparky Katzenberg’s desire to do it better than Disney after being forced out of the Mouse House by Michael Eisner, who had the nerve not to die or retire after a scare with his … Continue reading

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How should Universal Maximize Harry Potter Potential

A few years ago you could fire a cannon down any pathway in Islands of Adventure and have little risk of hitting a soul. But a big change swept into the park and with it a ton more visitors, all … Continue reading

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Taking his Magic to Muggles of Universal Studios Hollywood

When I lived in Southern California, the theme park I visited the second most often was Universal Studios Hollywood. I lived within walking distance and would often find myself on the Backlot Tram or watching Waterworld when the thought of … Continue reading

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