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  • The THRLLD Report
    The THRLLD Report

    A few months ago we added to The Disney Blog family as a place to report on and discuss events happening in the rest of the themepark and entertainment world and to remove a little of the off-topic chatter from what is now an almost exclusively Disney focused blog….

  • Disney Parks launches it’s own blog!
    Disney Parks launches it’s own blog!

    Today marks the next step for the Walt Disney Company’s parks and resorts division. They’re finally launching a blog. It’s about time, I’ve been advocating for this for years. Disney employs the best and brightest in their fields and now you’ll be able to hear from a few of those…

  • New Trend Same as the Old Trend
    New Trend Same as the Old Trend

    This morning in the Orlando Sentinel Jason Garcia compiled an informative look at the most recent trend to hit the Orlando area theme parks – interactivity. Let’s leave the debate as to whether guests actually desire this over passive entertainment while on their vacation aside for now. The idea is…

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