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  • Disney posts drop in profits, gloomy outlook looms
    Disney posts drop in profits, gloomy outlook looms

    The Walt Disney Company shared results from its first quarter (actually 4th quarter 08 calendar speaking) and profits dropped 32 percent. That and some other shaky news has caused shares to slide which has me itching to do one thing. Buy some Disney stock. Alas, I think I’ll wait a…

  • Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!
    Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

    You go Mickey. When I’m your age, I want to look as young as you do today. These last 80 years have been quite transformative for you. You’ve gone from a sweet and unpretentious little rascal to a modern day role model for the young. The next 80 are sure…

  • Smoking Gun at ABC Studios?
    Smoking Gun at ABC Studios?

    I’ve lost count how many times The Walt Disney Company has been sued for stealing this person or another’s idea for a tv show,  movie, attraction, or even a whole theme park (see EPCOT). To counter these lawsuits Disney has set up an internal procedure forbidding all staff to look…

  • Magic Restored: The Economist on Disney
    Magic Restored: The Economist on Disney

    The venerable magazine from across the pond, The Economist, gives Bob Iger’s reign as king of the Magic Kingdom high marks. Just four years ago the Walt Disney Company was in turmoil following the the second half of Michael Eisner’s turn on the throne. The turn around is so complete…

  • Recapping the Annual Meeting
    Recapping the Annual Meeting

    In case you haven’t done it yet, you can catch up on what happened at the annual Walt Disney Company shareholder meeting here, here, here, and here. Becasue Disney is a company that presents its products as “magical”, has a rabid fan base, was traditionally known for family-friendly content but…

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