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  • V: The Arrival – Episode Recap
    V: The Arrival – Episode Recap

    I’d like to welcome back our newest guest author S. Divnich, who will be covering “V” here on The Disney Blog. – Ed. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but the Visitors finally showed up last night with the premiere of V, ABC’s newest sci-fi offering. The episode opened…

  • “V” Premiers big, Retooling still ahead
    “V” Premiers big, Retooling still ahead

    First, if you missed “V” last night, you can now download it as a free video on iTunes. Second, if you did see it, you weren’t alone. Almost 14 million people watched with you. That’s a good sign for ABC which has three successful Sci-Fi shows right now (LOST, FlashForward,…

  • V

    ‘V’ was a hugely successful mini-series back in the 80s (two series, actually, and a tv show) focusing on ‘The Visitors’–Aliens who came to earth to do good, or did they? There was quite a bit of Nazi allegoricals going on, some cheesy acting, and a lot of generally solid…

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