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No Ordinary Family Episode 1-19: No Ordinary Future

Before we go any further, I’d like to point out that Saturday’s episode wasn’t the season final of No Ordinary Family. We’ve got one more episode coming on April 5th. And based on what we saw tonight, this show is … Continue reading

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No Ordinary Family 1-18: No Ordinary Animal

Well, things are certainly getting interesting for the Powell clan. In this episode, there are shocking revelations and they are hunted like animals by an animal of sorts. This is a good one, so hang on. The episode starts with … Continue reading

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No Ordinary Family 1-17: No Ordinary Love

It’s interesting that we still don’t know much about what Dr. King is up to because this episode introduced a new villain. I already knew she’d be around for multiple episodes, and she is obviously going to make life interesting. … Continue reading

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No Ordinary Family 1-16: No Ordinary Proposal

What do you know, two good episodes of the show back to back. They dealt with a plot thread they left hanging months ago. And it really feels like they are building toward something. It all starts with a proposal.

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No Ordinary Family 1-15: No Ordinary Powell

Okay, so you know how I’ve been complaining about how this show isn’t really moving forward, how they take baby steps forward and then ignore them the next week? Well, that definitely changed tonight. Holy cow was that a great … Continue reading

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