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  • Marvel begins filming on “Doctor Strange” movie

    In just under a year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get a lot stranger. Doctor Strange, one of the brand’s most enigmatic heroes, will take to the big screen with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. Marvel officially announced the start of production today and, hopefully, it will be wrapped…

  • Ant-Man – Marvel releases first trailer
    Ant-Man – Marvel releases first trailer

    From the world of Marvel comes one of its smallest heroes, Ant-Man. The first trailer for the movie has just been released and it’s jam packed with ant-sized goodness. Okay, it’s actually human-sized this time. That joke only works once, or twice if you like the official poster. We get…

  • Thor The Dark World – First Trailer
    Thor The Dark World – First Trailer

    Check out this first trailer for Thor: The Dark World, aka Thor 2. There’s a lot riding on this film for Disney and Marvel. We’ve seen that Iron Man and the Avengers can draw wild box office numbers, while the first Thor was just successful. If this film can carry…

  • New Iron Man 3 Trailer & Poster
    New Iron Man 3 Trailer & Poster

    The latest trailer for Iron Man 3 has hit the interwebz. I saw it the other day infront of the press screening for Oz The Great and Powerful where the audience actually cheered throughout the trailer. Tony Start is definitely dealing with some personal issues. But it looks like there’s…

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