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A look at the three bids for Miramax

Some more details on the three bidders for Miramax as well as some possible directions for its future. As it turns out the Weinstein brothers may have a leg up in the bid even if their bid is not quite … Continue reading

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Behind the Kirby Heirs Lawsuit against Disney/Marvel

When the Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment, they acquired a lot more more than just the 5,000 characters in Marvel’s stable, they also found a slate of lawsuits hiding under that  rock. Not only will Disney likely end up … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland to shrink Box Office Window

Via the NY Times we get this story about how Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Studios are looking to experiment with shorter in-theater times for its movies, which in theory will lead to bigger bucks in alternate methods of … Continue reading

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Disney now selling Miramax Studios

Got a spare $700 million? I know two brothers you could make very happy. After laying off the last of the staff from Miramax, Disney has now announced that they’re putting the studios’ assets up for sale. Most likely suitor … Continue reading

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G-Force a Disney DVD Delight

If there is one thing Disney can be counted on it’s for releasing one or two solid films a year targeted to families. G-Force is Disney’s entry into that category this year. It’s a typical Jerry Bruckheimer movie with big … Continue reading

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