• 30 new tenants announced for Disney Springs

    We’ve been covering the transformation of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs since the first closure at Pleasure Island, through the failed Hyperion Wharf idea, to the current concept – a small Florida city that grew up aroun a beautiful springs. As the city grew it spread out in different districts…

  • Disney World Merchandise RoundUp
    Disney World Merchandise RoundUp

    I recently posted a roundup on the ever popular souvenir t-shirts, but that’s not all that’s new at Walt Disney World. We’ve got hats, mickey ears, bow-ties, pajamas and more in this merchandise update. If you see something you like, be sure to check the Disney Store as they do…

  • Disney Store prepares to roll out new concept
    Disney Store prepares to roll out new concept

    We’ve heard a little about the new State-of-the-Art store design coming to The Disney Store brand. Inspired by Walt Disney’s legacy of innovation and Steve Job’s Apple Stores, interactivity and personalization will be the name of the game at these new locations. The first location up for transformation Disney Store…

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