• Rocketeer to get Reboot?
    Rocketeer to get Reboot?

    Disney fans may only know The Rocketeer from the 1991 film starring Billy Campbell, Timothy Dalton, and Jennifer Connolly. Disney had high hopes for a series, but the film failed to ignite at the box office. The movie has developed a bit of a cult following since then, especially since…

  • Steampunk Tokyo DisneySea
    Steampunk Tokyo DisneySea

    Steampunk posits that had steam powered computing took off in the Victorian era, the world would look a lot different today. Many Disney film have influenced the ethic, most famously Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie. So it makes sense that the Nautilus section of Tokyo DisneySea has a…

  • John Carter – Official Trailer
    John Carter – Official Trailer

    Hello! And before you know it, the official trailer for Disney’s John Carter (of Mars) is out. This looks so good. Delicious even. What do you think? Plot synopsis is below the jump:

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