• San Diego Comic-Con Day 3 – All the Marvel News

    Yesterday’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comc-Con was so big and content filled that I felt it needed its own post. So here we go. Kevin Feige opened up the panel by saying they wouldn’t have come here if they didn’t have a lot to share, and boy did they…

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Growing Pains

    Last year, Marvel held a surprise press conference to unveil their entire Phase 3 line up of movies. This is what it looked like: Then, Marvel and Sony announced that they will be working together with Spider-Man. Sony will still make the movies with help from Marvel and Spider-Man gets…

  • Marvel News Roundup – Spider-Man’s new costume and more
    Marvel News Roundup – Spider-Man’s new costume and more

    News from around the Marvel universe have been trickling out the past few weeks so, let’s round them up. First off, could this mysterious Twitter account, attributed to the Russo brothers who are at the helm of Captain America: Civil War, have teased our first image of the new Spider-Man…

  • Spider-Man gets a new face… again.

    After weeks of searching, with the rumor mill working overtime, Sony and Marvel have finally announced who will be donning the webbed tights next, and who will be directing him. Tom Holland will be Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man film, currently set for a July 28, 2017 release. The…

  • Spider-Man Entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Spider-Man Entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Marvel is finally starting to let us know what kind of Spider-Man they’ll be introducing into their Cinematic Universe. In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige, the man overseeing everything in the MCU, confirmed that we will be seeing Peter Parker alongside the Avengers (as opposed to someone like Miles…

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