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  • Disneyland Vintage Ads
    Disneyland Vintage Ads

    A couple of terrific vintage ads for Disneyland surfaced on the internet this week courtesy a Vintage Ads group blog. The first one is an ‘advertorial’ for Disneyland’s Space Mountain And below the cut an ad for Goodyear, who was a sponsor at Disneyland, showing off how they create molds…

  • Space Mountain – Fast Forward
    Space Mountain – Fast Forward

    Had a fun little experiment this weekend. I turned my camera’s time-lapse video feature toward Space Mountain and created this short little experimental video. It actually turned to be not all bad, so I thought I’d share it here. What do you think? Would you like to see more of…

  • Disney World Releases 2nd Quarter Injury Report
    Disney World Releases 2nd Quarter Injury Report

    Walt Disney World has released a list of injuries that occurred on attractions for the second quarter of 2011. It’s not long and not surprising. However, having witnessed a couple of non-attraction related injuries in the park myself (and a friend having witnessed a death of a guest), I have…

  • Music added to Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain
    Music added to Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain

    All the usual suspects made their way to the Magic Kingdom on Monday evening once word leaked that Disney Imagineers had turned on the newly added background music soundtrack to Space Mountain. Instead of adding speakers to the cars, they’ve worked after hours, when the attraction was closed, to add…

  • Space Mountain – Merchandise in Space
    Space Mountain – Merchandise in Space

    No subtlety from Disney merchandising. This awaits you the moment you step out of the Space Mountain exit queue. On Sunday we went on a quick visit to the Magic Kingdom to ride Space Mountain. It’s hard to tell exactly how much they did to the track, but what ever…

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