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  • Revenge: Grief
    Revenge: Grief

    My Revenge viewing buddy described this week’s episode as: “omg omg omg holy sh*t”. After finally catching the episode on Thursday, I can only agree. Unlike last week’s yawner, this episode started with a crying Emily digging a grave. Since this show is nothing like it seems, we could only…

  • Revenge – It’s Flashback time!
    Revenge – It’s Flashback time!

    This week on Revenge we traveled back to 2002. So when I was choosing a college and planning a holiday dance, Emily was kicking the crap out of men in club restrooms and was just all-out angry. She wasn’t her polished, Hamptons self using her unlimited bank account to get…

  • Revenge: Absolution
    Revenge: Absolution

    With only 3 episodes left after a rollercoaster of a season, I can hands down say that Wednesday’s Revenge is officially my favorite. Maybe it’s because many storylines exploded all over the place, the tension remained consistently high, or Josh Bowman as Daniel made me cry and hate him in…

  • Revenge 1.16: Scandal!
    Revenge 1.16: Scandal!

    Editor: The tardiness of this post is my fault, not Estelle’s. After last week’s fast-paced engagement/murder party and the fact that we have a whole month of March without any new episodes, I decided to switch things up a bit this week… Ten things that happened on this week’s Revenge:…

  • Revenge 1.15: Chaos
    Revenge 1.15: Chaos

    I don’t know about you but I’m still reeling Wednesday’s episode of Revenge. It had a lot to live up to. We’ve been subjected to 15 episodes of flashbacks (and flashbacks in those) just to be brought back to the Fire & Ice engagement party. The party where viewers were…

  • Revenge 1.14: Perception
    Revenge 1.14: Perception

    Ahhh. The engagement period. Otherwise known as “the happiest time of your life.” On the surface, Emily and Daniel might seem happy. Happy enough to give in to Victoria’s whims: a “fire & ice” themed engagement party (who thought that was a good idea?) and the posed family (?) engagement…

  • Revenge – Episode 1.11 “Duress”
    Revenge – Episode 1.11 “Duress”

    Happy 2012 everyone! I don’t know a better way to kick off the new year then tuning into a new episode of Revenge! Especially when it features a mental breakdown of this guy: Yep. That’s Tyler. The episode opens with him holding a gun and about to shoot one of…

  • Revenge – Episode 10 – A few things….
    Revenge – Episode 10 – A few things….

    Editor: Estelle is back with another amazing recap of ABC’s Revenge. I apologize for the tardiness of her post. It’s 100% my fault. A few announcements before we begin: Victoria debuts a few new hair styles. It’s still summer in the Hamptons. These characters reign as “Best Dressed” on TV….

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