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The Middle – Episode 1 & 2: Forced Family Fun

Editor: Please welcome guest author Daniel Staten who will take on the dangerous duty of reviewing ABC’s popular sit-com The Middle. The Middle follows the Heck family. They’re an all-American, middle-class family with everyday common struggles. The show is back … Continue reading

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ABC Lineup beginning to take shape

According to Deadline Hollywood, ABC is making some big changes in its lineup. We already know about the soaps that have been canceled. Now the fall schedule begins to shape up. There will be a growing focus on comedies and … Continue reading

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Modern Family recap: The Musical Man

Ed: Please welcome back Adam Britten. I promise to get him a full user account for the next recap. After taking another short hiatus, Modern Family returned last night for “The Musical Man.” ┬áThis episode introduced us to Jay’s brother … Continue reading

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Catching up with ABC’s Modern Family

Ed: I’d like to welcome guest author Adam Britten who reviews the most recent episode of ABC’s hit show Modern Family: Every time that Modern Family takes a few weeks off, I feel like I’m missing something. The family was … Continue reading

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Are you watching Modern Family yet?

This week’s episode of Modern Family was, in my opinion, the funniest one yet! The proud-of-his-Colombian-heritage child, Manny, wants to wear an oversized poncho to school, and his mother wants to let him, yet his stepfather (Ed O’Neill) teases him … Continue reading

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