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Disney Segway Lawsuit Settled

The lawsuit against Disney to allow the use of Segways as an ADA assistive device as its themeparks has been settled out of the courtroom. I’ve written about the case quite a bit and so has Keeping Up With Jonas. … Continue reading

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Segway Lawsuit about to become moot?

The Segway Lawsuit petitioning the courts to allow Segway access to Disney’s theme parks for disabled persons has just taken another twist. The New York Times covers some upcoming adjustments to the federal rules for providing access to public buildings … Continue reading

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Fun with Links on Saturday Morning

The Pixar Blog has more high quality screencaps from WALL-E. Click on each picture for the large (desktop image size) image. The excellent Twitter and Live Earth Maps mashup Twisney is getting hailed as a prime example of new citizen … Continue reading

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Where’s Don King? Disney Segway Lawsuit is back on!

The fight is back on. And after the underdog recovered from an early knock-out blow it’s shaping up to be a long drawn out fight? Or is it? Keeping Up With Jonas has the latest news on the lawsuit to … Continue reading

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The Disney Segway suit is back on for Round 2

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit seeking to use Segways as assistive devices at Disney theme parks have filed an amendment to their complaint stating they do in fact plan to visit Walt Disney World in the future. That means the … Continue reading

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