• Pixar Cars 3 features two soundtracks

    The upcoming Pixar film “Cars 3” is so big it needs two soundtracks to contain it all. In addition to the original score composed and conducted by Pixar favorite Randy Newman, there is an eight track album of songs written for and inspired by the movie, including four cover songs….

  • How Pixar uses music to make you cry

    Pixar Animation Studios are acknowledged masters at the craft of animation. If you had to pick a specialty of theirs, it’s the big emotional moment that’s not afraid to make you tear up (at a minimum). But how do they do that? There’s a great new video that looks at…

  • Danny Jacob — The Disney Blog Interview
    Danny Jacob — The Disney Blog Interview

    Danny Jacob is the man behind the music of Disney Channel’s hit show Phineas and Ferb, and now you love him already. I’m sure he gets that a lot. Jacob has performed on a number of award-winning projects (we’re talking Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy!) and is a three-time Emmy nominee…

  • Videopolis – One Man Pixar Medley
    Videopolis – One Man Pixar Medley

    “Been a while” “Ya, basically there was too much news stuff that I haven’t had time to find any new candidates for the videopolis series.” “So, what do you have for us today?” “It’s a little bit unusual, but just as amazing as all the other videos in the series….

  • The Music of TRON: Legacy
    The Music of TRON: Legacy

    A great feature article over at on the music of TRON: Legacy: A personal passion for electronic music led Kosinski to think of recruiting Daft Punk, the French duo consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Kosinski first met with them over breakfast at the 101 Coffee Shop…

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