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John Carter of Mars — New on the set details

A terrific blog in the Guardian talks with John Carter (of Mars) director Andrew Stanton and reveals a couple of key behind the scenes details that promise to make this the next franchise hit for Disney. I felt that if … Continue reading

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TRON: UPRISING: 2011 Comic-Con Video Released

If you were paying close attention last week you may have heard that Disney showed a video promoting TRON: UPRISING, an animated show coming to Disney XD, at the 2011 Comic-Con. There was even a pirated version of the clip … Continue reading

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TRON: Legacy – 15 Easter Eggs

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers. If you’ve seen TRON: Legacy then you probably caught the 1979 movie poster for Disney’s The Black Hole in Sam’s bedroom. The TRON: Legacy director will also be helming a relaunch of The Black … Continue reading

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Surrogates: Interview with a Doll

Surrogates takes place in a world where people stay at home and let their doll like robots go out and interact on their behalf. Even the police. Radha Mitchell places a detective who is paired with Bruce Willis when a … Continue reading

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Surrogates with Bruce Willis on DVD – Blu-Ray

Bruce Willis is back in action in the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled thriller Surrogates. They made me write that. But if you’re a fan of the fast paced action and like a science fiction thriller, than you’ll definitely want to pre-order Surrogates … Continue reading

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