• Hey Man, a bird flew in yo window
    Hey Man, a bird flew in yo window

    Anyone who recognizes the Jeff Foxworthy joke above will know that Rumors and Innuendo run rampant when it comes to the latest and greatest at any themepark, but it goes twice for the Disney ones. Screamscape is one of the best sources for said rumors on the internet. In fact,…

  • Disney Round Up II
    Disney Round Up II

    A round up of recent stories from the top Disney websites: A look across the pond to Paris Disneyland and its latest show Peter Pan is on Jim Hill Media debuts a new look and a spurt of new articles including one on rumors surrounding the closing of Big…

  • When will they learn?
    When will they learn?

    Rumors are again circulating about the demise of one of Disneyland’s most cherished, but least visited, attractions. Yes. The eyes of park management have turned once more toward Great Moments with Mr Lincoln and this time the famous attration’s fate may already be sealed. What is known is that current…

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