• ABC Lineup beginning to take shape
    ABC Lineup beginning to take shape

    According to Deadline Hollywood, ABC is making some big changes in its lineup. We already know about the soaps that have been canceled. Now the fall schedule begins to shape up. There will be a growing focus on comedies and a few favorite dramas won’t be coming back. Among the…

  • Magic Kingdom Update
    Magic Kingdom Update

    Okay, there’s quite a lot to cover in this update from the Magic Kingdom, including some big rumors, so let’s get right to it. First off, the “Let The Memories Begin” campaign has begun and new ephemera is beginning to roll out. First Napkins, and then cups… and also guide…

  • Update on Tiki Room Fire
    Update on Tiki Room Fire

    Just a quick update on some rumors swirling around the fire that took place at the Enchanted Tiki Room earlier this week. The original word from Disney was that it was just a small attic fire with only some minor damaged caused by water from the sprinklers. However, now I’m…

  • Magic Kingdom Construction Update
    Magic Kingdom Construction Update

    Wife took the kiddo to the Magic Kingdom for a haircut with Michal today and, of course, they snuck in a few attractions. While strolling around she snapped a few pics of some construction at the park. The Crystal Palace is undergoing a major refurbishment. From the skylights to the…

  • Big Rumors
    Big Rumors

    I’m hearing some very interesting rumors about projects at Walt Disney World. I can’t vouch for their 100% accuracy, but I thought I’d share none-the-less. At least one of these will forever change the way you experience the parks and resorts. There’s the recently posted Fantasyland expansion for the Magic…

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