• Update on Tiki Room Fire
    Update on Tiki Room Fire

    Just a quick update on some rumors swirling around the fire that took place at the Enchanted Tiki Room earlier this week. The original word from Disney was that it was just a small attic fire with only some minor damaged caused by water from the sprinklers. However, now I’m…

  • Magic Kingdom Construction Update
    Magic Kingdom Construction Update

    Wife took the kiddo to the Magic Kingdom for a haircut with Michal today and, of course, they snuck in a few attractions. While strolling around she snapped a few pics of some construction at the park. The Crystal Palace is undergoing a major refurbishment. From the skylights to the…

  • Big Rumors
    Big Rumors

    I’m hearing some very interesting rumors about projects at Walt Disney World. I can’t vouch for their 100% accuracy, but I thought I’d share none-the-less. At least one of these will forever change the way you experience the parks and resorts. There’s the recently posted Fantasyland expansion for the Magic…

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