• Origins of Walt Disney is Frozen Urban Legend
    Origins of Walt Disney is Frozen Urban Legend

    One of the enduring urban legends surrounding Walt Disney was that after he died from lung cancer in 1966 his body (just his head in some versions) was cryogenically preserved so that future generations could enjoy his genius once the technology to reanimate the dead has been perfected. The story…

  • Disney Springs Construction Underway in Earnest
    Disney Springs Construction Underway in Earnest

    The first signs of serious construction on the announced Disney Springs makeover of Downtown Disney has begun. Disney recently announced a plan for the limited parking the construction is expected to create and now video of Pleasure Island’s Comedy Warehouse being dismantled was aired on CFNews13. This will eventually become…

  • Return of the Orlando Theme Park Wars?
    Return of the Orlando Theme Park Wars?

    Orlando in the 1990’s was bookended by stiff competition between Disney and its rival Universal Studios. When Michael Eisner got wind that Disneyland’s cross-town rival Universal Studios was preparing to open in Orlando as well, he rushed the mouse’s plans for its own studio theme park into production, even opening…

  • Avatar On Track for Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    Avatar Model

    Three years ago today Avatar debuted on the big screen and changed the way cinema was experienced forever. It might take 3 more years before it opens, but we did get confirmation that a project that would build Avatar’s Pandora is still on track for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At the…

  • Believe in Fantasy Speculation

    The official opening of New Fantasyland is just around the corner. As Disney is wont to do, they have arranged a press event around the opening and announced a special look at what’s next for the Walt Disney World Resort coming toward the end that event. Add to that a…

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios Update

    The Magic Kingdom is getting all the attention now with the New Fantasyland soft-openings and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is lined up for the next major expansion with the addition of Avatar-land to the park. The next park due for a major announcement is Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the rumor is…

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