• Marvel News Round Up: New York Comic-Con Edition

    New York held its annual comic-con last weekend and Marvel showed up with a lot of big news. We finally got our first look at the next show in Netflix’s line up: Iron Fist. The show follows Danny Rand, a young man who is bestowed with incredible martial arts skills…

  • Marvel News Round Up: D23 Expo Edition

    Marvel didn’t have a huge presence at D23 Expo this year. Once you call a surprise meeting and lay out your movie plans for the next five years, there’s not much more to share. That, plus the fact that the show stopper of the conference was Star Wars with news…

  • Marvel News Roundup – Life After The Winter Soldier
    Marvel News Roundup – Life After The Winter Soldier

    There’s a lot of fun things going on in the world of Marvel, so let’s get to it. Captain America opened up last week as number one in the box office (no surprise there). Opening with $92.6 million, the Winter Soldier now holds the record for the largest movie opening…

  • Disney RoundUp – it’s back!
    Disney RoundUp – it’s back!

    And now it’s time to close some tabs with stories I’ve been meaning to get to but just haven’t had the time. So draw a cup of coffee on that Keurig and pull up a chair, here we go: Up first is a story you’ll need the kleenex for: The…

  • Circle D – Weekly Disney RoundUp
    Circle D – Weekly Disney RoundUp

    There was a ton of news in the world of Disney this week. In case you missed it, here’s what we posted earlier this week: A big Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who has ever hugged a child or made a wish for pain to go away. Pixar,…

  • Disney Blog Roundup
    Disney Blog Roundup

    Long time readers of the blog will remember the regular Disney Blog news roundup feature. We took some time every week to share some of the best writing from across the Disney blogosphere with a wider audience. We’ll we’re bringing it back, at least as a test. Please let us…

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