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WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection

A little robot called WALL-E rolls its way into movie theaters tonight at midnight and then into the hearts of millions. This post will be a clearing house for all the news, reviews, and great links I can find on … Continue reading

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Stanton denies WALL-E is an environmental allegory

The NY Times visits with WALL-E Director Andrew Stanton. In it Stanton denies that he created WALL-E as an allegory for our abuse of the planet. “I was writing this thing so long ago, how could I have known what’s … Continue reading

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V.I.N.CENT rides again?

Before there was WALL-E, Disney’s most famous robot was V.I.N.CENT the robot from Disney’s “The Black Hole.” His name is an acronym for Vital Information Necessary, CENTralized. (Man, that was a stretch.) Although he was essentially a poor-man’s R2D2, he … Continue reading

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WALL•E Meets the Space Needle

WALL•E Meets the Space Needle Originally uploaded by indigoskye WALL•E, the robot from Disney/Pixar’s upcoming animated feature release “WALL•E,” checks out the Seattle sights, developing a special – though not surprising interest in the city’s landmark Space Needle. Built in … Continue reading

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Wall-e News and Updates

Some quick news from the world of Pixar’s WALL-E. Some preview screenings are happening tonight. So look for more early reviews to trickle out tomorrow. The early buzz is very good so far. A website is up with a demo … Continue reading

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