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Rhino Art Created by Disney Animal Keeper Goes to Good Cause

Rhinoceroses have been hunted to the point of extinction for the value of their horn on the black market. One Disney Animal Keeper is turning that perceived value into a plus, and raising money by creating works of art that … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom Welcomes Endangered White Rhino to Growing Herd

The stork has brought another healthy baby white rhino to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The park welcomed the female calf to the family last week on Sunday, Jan. 17. Kendi, an 11-year-old white rhino, gave birth to her third baby after … Continue reading

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Ugandan Baby Rhino with Disney Roots Named After President Obama

Via the AmericaBlog we get the story that the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary have named the baby born in June after President Obama since, like the president, he shares Kenyan and American roots. As I wrote about in July, the baby … Continue reading

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Cute Alert: Baby White Rhino with Disney Roots

Update: The baby now has a name – Obama. You remember those two white rhinos sent to Uganda from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Well now the first white rhino born in 27 years has come from one of those animals. Congratulations … Continue reading

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Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!

The NY Times has a terrific article about Mark Walton, the Disney Animator and general pop culture nerd, whose ‘scratch’ track for Rhino, the wheel bound Hamster from BOLT!, became the breakout character of the movie. A couple months ago, … Continue reading

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