• No Ordinary Family 1-3: No Ordinary Ring
    No Ordinary Family 1-3: No Ordinary Ring

    And we’re back with another fun episode with the Powell family. This one didn’t seem quite as eventful as the first two, but it allowed us time to better develop the characters. Heck, I loved it. We start with the entire family at a wedding. But the wedding it attacked…

  • No Ordinary Family – Episode 1 Recap
    No Ordinary Family – Episode 1 Recap

    Ed Note: Please welcome back Mark Baker who will be recapping No Ordinary Family on ABC the season (or as long as it lasts)…. When the new falls shows were being announced, the first one that caught my attention was ABC’s No Ordinary Family. While I don’t read comic books,…

  • FlashForward – Premiere Episode Recap
    FlashForward – Premiere Episode Recap

    Hi, my name is Barry. For the next several months, at least until D-Day, I will be along with you on the journey that is ABC’s new series “Flash Forward”. And hopefully for a while thereafter. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before I start my general review of…

  • The Unusual(s) Recap: 42
    The Unusual(s) Recap: 42

    Welcome back to another week of “The Unusual(s) Recap.” This week’s episode is entitled “42” and when I saw that in my cable guide I immediately knew that this episode would have something major to do with the 42-year old Det. Banks. As we have learned in the previous episodes,…

  • The Unusual(s) Recap: Boorland Day
    The Unusual(s) Recap: Boorland Day

    Editor: I’m pleased to welcome Joe Omundson to The Disney Blog as a guest author. The Second Squad continues their unorthodox patrol of New York City in the second episode of ABC’s “The Unusuals.” If you missed John’s post from last week about the pilot, check it out! The episode…

  • Frescorts (Pushing Daisies 2.4)
    Frescorts (Pushing Daisies 2.4)

    I think Pushing Daisies started early last night. Or maybe my TIVO started late. At any rate, I came in to the show to see a woman pushing a baby stroller down the stairs. It took me a few minutes to realize it was Emerson Cod’s Mama! Wow, we’re just…

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