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  • Artist draws portrait of Moana in Real Life

    “Moana” has blazed trails across the ocean and the box office, recently passing $600 million worldwide. Disney’s Polynesian Princess might be the studios’ strongest female lead yet. Many have commented how Disney’s latest princess is drawn as an independent powerful young woman with a realistic body type. You know, someone…

  • Dumbo All Grown Up
    Dumbo All Grown Up

    Ever wonder what happened to Dumbo after the circus closed? He grew up and went to work as a spokes-elephant for IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). Here’s video of him landing at an airport and making the point that you should think twice before purchasing souvenirs made from protected…

  • Real Life “Up” House for sale in Herriman, Utah
    Real Life “Up” House for sale in Herriman, Utah

    Update: More stories covering the Pixar “Up House” including two great video tours. Bangerter homes, in conjunction with the the Salt Lake City Home Builders Association, has come up with a great way to get visitors, and potential buyers, to their Parade of Homes event, they’ve recreated a full scale…

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