• Tangled – The Second Trailer
    Tangled – The Second Trailer

    Oooh. Wow. Me likey. One question though. What happened to the possessive? Disney Tangled? Are we to believe that Disney itself is tangled? Shouldn’t it be Disney’s Tangled? I’m confused. Maybe it should be Disney Presents Tangled? But then shouldn’t it be Walt Disney Presents Tangled? Someone get Disney marketing…

  • New image from Tangled revealed – Mother Gothel
    New image from Tangled revealed – Mother Gothel

    A newly released first image of Mother Gothel (voiced by Donna Murphy) from Disney’s next feature animated film, Tangled, has just been released. Be sure to follow the film’s Facebook fan page where even more artwork from the film has been released. Tangled weaves its way into theaters beginning November…

  • Two New Tangled Trailers
    Two New Tangled Trailers

    Disney has released two new trailers for it’s next Animated Feature. The first is an exclusive to MovieFone, where it gets good marks for beautiful animation and for flipping the Rapunzel story on its head, and the second is the new international trailer. Watch it: Okay. I think we need…

  • Full Tangled Teaser Trailer now online
    Full Tangled Teaser Trailer now online

    The full teaser trailer for Disney’s next animated feature, Tangled, is now online at Yahoo. This is the same trailer that will be in front of Toy Story 3 when it his theaters. You can also find it at the recently activated official movie website. Go watch, I’ll wait. I”m…

  • First look at Tangled Animation
    First look at Tangled Animation

    It’s only 15 seconds, but it’s 15 seconds of fun. The first real look at animation in “Tangled”. I like what I see, very colorful and nice backgrounds. Character design seems a bit ‘Dreamworks’ circa “The Road to El Dorado” though. My favorite line, “Best. Day. Ever”

  • Disney Changes Title of Next Animated Film
    Disney Changes Title of Next Animated Film

    Disney’s next animated film has had it’s name changed… again. Now it will be called ‘Tangled’ instead of ‘Rapunzel’. This is a move to fight off what Disney marketing perceives as a bias against princess films by the lucrative 8-12 year old boy market. Even earlier in its development the…

  • New Rapunzel Image
    New Rapunzel Image

    Up next from Disney animation is the story of a girl who really knows how to let down her hair. Apparently she can use it for other purposes as well as this new image from Studio CinéLive magazine shows. Rapunzel opens in November 2010. (via disneypixar.fr)

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