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Ceremony to add Rapunzel to Disney Princess Court

All this time I’ve been a Disney fan and I had no idea that there was an official ceremony for adding a princess to the Disney Princess Court. This October 2nd, for the first time an event called ‘Rapunzel’s royal … Continue reading

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Tangled Q & A Meet the Directors

Disney’s Tangled will be released on Disney Blu-ray & DVD March 29th. Make sure you check out our contest for a chance to win a copy, or pre-order it on Amazon. As part of the promotional tour for the DVD, … Continue reading

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Early Pre-Viz Concept for Rapunzel Unbraided

Here’s a look at some early concept work on Tangled back when it was still Rapunzel: Unbraided. As Glen Keane saw it, the story was split between fairytale and modern eras. This is a pre-viz roll done by Tony Hudson … Continue reading

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Mandy Moore models Rapunzel Singing Doll at Disney Store

Today’s celebrity sighting is singer/actress Mandy Moore, who voices Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled, visiting the new Disney Store in Times Square to celebrate the release of the Rapunzel Disney Store Singing Doll. The doll features Moore’s a cappella voice performing … Continue reading

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Tangled bests all new films at Box Office, fails to beat Harry Potter

It’s not just Disney’s theme parks that are struggling with competition from the wizard kid Harry Potter. Despite pulling in over $69 million in Holiday weekend box office cash, Tangled failed to overcome part one of Harry Potter’s final film. … Continue reading

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