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Tangled Q & A Meet the Directors

Disney’s Tangled will be released on Disney Blu-ray & DVD March 29th. Make sure you check out our contest for a chance to win a copy, or pre-order it on Amazon. As part of the promotional tour for the DVD, … Continue reading

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Early Pre-Viz Concept for Rapunzel Unbraided

Here’s a look at some early concept work on Tangled back when it was still Rapunzel: Unbraided. As Glen Keane saw it, the story was split between fairytale and modern eras. This is a pre-viz roll done by Tony Hudson … Continue reading

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Another Tangled Viral Video… bites the dust

With just one night before Tangled opens in theaters everywhere, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released one last attempt at going viral with a promotional video. This time it’s … POLICE PURSUIT Yes, that was a bad O.J. Simpson joke. … Continue reading

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Tangled – Introducing “Maximus” the horse

Meet Sampson At first glance the white horse in Tangled looks like the same white horse that Disney animation puts into every Princess film. He’s the comic relief, the sidekick, the trusty steed. It’s so cliche that Shrek spoofed the … Continue reading

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Tangled – The Second Trailer

Oooh. Wow. Me likey. One question though. What happened to the possessive? Disney Tangled? Are we to believe that Disney itself is tangled? Shouldn’t it be Disney’s Tangled? I’m confused. Maybe it should be Disney Presents Tangled? But then shouldn’t … Continue reading

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