• Princess Superheroes
    Princess Superheroes

    Brodie is a illustrator, comedy writer, and Disney fan. He runs the excellent tribute site Brodie has decided to take on Disney’s Princess divas and re-imagine them as superheroes drawing inspiration from super-fashions of around the same time their animated movies came out. The result, excellent covers like these:…

  • Riverboat Show to Debut Soon!
    Riverboat Show to Debut Soon!

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Disney will debut a new character meet and greet based on the characters from the forthcoming The Princess and The Frog. What makes this unique is that the procession of musicians and performaers will start in New Orleans Square (at Disneyland) and Frontierland (at…

  • Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion Plans Leaked
    Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion Plans Leaked

    Someone at Disney has leaked what appears to be very real blueprints laying out all the new ‘attractions’ planned for an expanded Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This plan matches what I’ve heard from other sources. My gut tells me it’s not something fan created and is actually…

  • New “The Princess adn the Frog” footage
    New “The Princess adn the Frog” footage

    Some extended footage from Disney’s return to hand drawn animation in “The Princess And The Frog.” The recording quality is not great, but it’s the first real look at Prince Naveen and an introduction to the major characters. (Thanks Jason!)

  • Princess and the Frog, new artwork
    Princess and the Frog, new artwork

    This new Princess and the Frog artwork is from the Disney Annual report. So beautiful! How can anyone not be excited about this movie after seeing this? Can’t you already see the walk-around character holding court in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. I know just the place, Angel Courtyard. The Princess…

  • Princess Style with Skye
    Princess Style with Skye

    Are you a Disney Princess in your heart? If so you might want to check out Princess Skye’s Princess Portal. Skye draws inspiration from Disney’s many Princesses including The Princess Diaries. She recently discussed how to write your own Princess Code and attended a play called “The Snow White Conspiracy”…

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