• Fallen Princesses
    Fallen Princesses

    A few years ago Disney Parks hired Annie Leibovitz to turn her photographers eye on Disney’s famous characters for use in an advertising campaign for the theme parks. Leibovitz took celebrities and put them in the role of those characters and a very popular campaign was born. Take for instance…

  • 1963 Disneyland Aerial Photo
    1963 Disneyland Aerial Photo

    ArtDaily, the web’s original Art newsletter, has a story about the Walt Disney Family Museum scheduled to open this fall in San Francisco. Since we already know how I feel about that, let me give you another reason to click through. A glorious 960 pixel wide look at Disneyland in…

  • Some Sunday Disney Reading
    Some Sunday Disney Reading

    It’s Sunday, time for the final pause before most return to the weekday 9 to 5 hustle. Here are a few tidbits from the World of Disney that might help delay reality just a bit longer. While Walt Disney World may not have been able to figure out online dining…

  • New Disneyland Photo Spot – Celebration Point
    New Disneyland Photo Spot – Celebration Point

    Occupying the spot usually known as “Christmas Tree Point” in Town Square at Disneyland, is a new photo opportunity Disney’s calling “Celebration Point”. The festive Mickey Balloon and invitation sculpture offers guests a new place to take photos and mark their special occasions while celebrating at Disneyland. Pretty cool. I…

  • Recent Photos from inside Neverland Ranch
    Recent Photos from inside Neverland Ranch

    Jonathan Haeber was able to get inside Neverland Ranch earlier this month and take some beautiful night time photos. Pop Star Michael Jackson’s tribute to Disneyland is rumored to be on the auction block (there are conflicting news stories on its status). Here’s Haeber’s article on the experience and the…

  • Behind the scenes photos of Annie Leibovitz Dream Photo shoot
    Behind the scenes photos of Annie Leibovitz Dream Photo shoot

    Disney has now released some behind the scenes photos that reveal the preparation and detail that goes into making Annie Leibovitz’s celebrity photos so magical. I’ve put most of them below the cut but it’s hard to resist letting this photo of Jessica Biel shine. Ah… 7th Heaven indeed. More…

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