• Epic Mickey Review
    Epic Mickey Review

    Ed: Please welcome new guest author Jeff Heimbuch with this excellent review When you think of video game stars, Mickey Mouse isn’t exactly one of the first to spring to mind. In fact, he might not even be on the list that is populated by Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, and…

  • Oswald Bonanza
    Oswald Bonanza

    A veritable bonanza of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit posters over at Greenbriar. He also tells the tale of how ‘unlucky’ Oswald was for Disney. Ub Iwerks tried to warn Disney that Mintz was poaching his artists, but Walt wouldn’t believe it. The roof eventually fell with plots revealed and Disney…

  • Should Miramax go back to its founders?
    Should Miramax go back to its founders?

    Three bids have come in to buy the Miramax brand and film library from the Walt Disney Company. The Weinstein Brothers, the original founders of the company, are part of a group who has one of the bids. As NBC did when sending Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Disney, (in…

  • Many more details about ‘Epic Mickey’ revealed
    Many more details about ‘Epic Mickey’ revealed

    The GoNintendo website got their hands on an early release of Game Informer magazine and shares many new details about the much anticipated ‘Epic Mickey’ game expected to come out later this year. – Mickey’s appearance is much, much closer to his original debut style – Disney was the one…

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