• Musings on Disneyland
    Musings on Disneyland

    Earlier this summer, I was a few days away from my first trip to Disneyland in 8 years when a last minute family reunion was scheduled. Family comes first, so, barring some miracle, my reunion with Walt’s park will have to wait at least another year. Previous to this stretch,…

  • Did Disney Save Broadway
    Did Disney Save Broadway

    Since Beauty and the Beast debuted on Broadway there has been a lot of debate about what exactly Disney is bringing to the Theatre. Your opinion is your own on the matter, but there can be no doubt that Disney has been successful in bringing new fans to the great…

  • LAX’s Theme Building Getting Some TLC
    LAX’s Theme Building Getting Some TLC

    The Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport is that iconic arched structure with the round observation deck and restaurant in the middle. I remember hearing that it was in need of some repairs, but I had now idea how extensive it would be. LA Weekly’s article shows pictures of…

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