• Disney GPS
    Disney GPS

    Tom Keating has found a novel way to find his car in the vast parking lots of Walt Disney World. I sense a business opportunity. Have a keychain sized device that you click once to record the location of your car. Then at the end of the night LED arrows…

  • Are you there God, It’s me Walt.
    Are you there God, It’s me Walt.

    Disney has picked up the rights to the Judy Blume library. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the Disney adaption of “Tale’s of a fourth grade nothing.” Here’s the IMDB link to Blume’s previous novels that were made into TV movies. Judy Blume’s home page (looks…

  • Pan Graphic Novel
    Pan Graphic Novel

    I’m forever on the look out for amazing Disney quality artists on the net. Excelsior Studios, whose Logo Disney fans have got to love, has released the first part of their new online graphic novel (read comic)… Pan. It’s not your typical retelling of the Disney story, but it looks…

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