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McFarland New Posters and Clip

We’re just one day away from the opening of “McFarland, USA” the first film of 2015 to really win your heart. Based on a true story of a Central Valley California town and a coach that sees potential in the … Continue reading

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New Cinderella TV spot adds new layer of intrigue to the classic tale

Is there more to the “Cinderella” story than you thought? A new TV spot called “Conspiracy” adds a layer of intrigue to the classic tale: A new full trailer for Cinderella will come out this Wednesday. In the meantime Director … Continue reading

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TV spot for Tomorrowland drops during Super Bowl

Disney dropped a new ad for  “Tomorrowland” during the Super Bowl tonight. You get an extended look at the big city and more of George Clooney and his laboratory. Super Bowl ads are short, so watch the previously released trailer … Continue reading

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Tomorrowland Movie to get Super Bowl ad

As we learned last night, Disneyland is throwing a big party for it’s 60th anniversary starting May 22nd. You know what else starts May 22nd? That’s the premier of the much anticipated movie “Tomorrowland.” To help build up excitement, Disney … Continue reading

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Strange Magic – Meet the Creatures & Cast

2015 will be a jam packed year at the box office for The Walt Disney Company. Among them are two Marvel films, two Pixar animated features, and a return to the galaxy far far away of Star Wars at the … Continue reading

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