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  • Composing the music of Wakanda in Black Panther

    The music for Black Panther transports you to its Africa-centric world right from the first notes. At the same time it fits in perfectly with the scores of big-budget blockbuster Marvel movies. Director Ryan Coogler reached out to his two time partner Ludwig Göransson (Fruitvale Station, Creed) to compose the…

  • Into the Woods Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Into the Woods Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Walt Disney Records will release the “Into the Woods” original motion picture soundtrack and the “Into the Woods” Deluxe Edition on December 16, 2014. Into the Woods features 20 songs from the film and the 2-disc Into the Woods Deluxe Edition also includes the score. Both versions are available for…

  • Videopolis – One Man Pixar Medley
    Videopolis – One Man Pixar Medley

    “Been a while” “Ya, basically there was too much news stuff that I haven’t had time to find any new candidates for the videopolis series.” “So, what do you have for us today?” “It’s a little bit unusual, but just as amazing as all the other videos in the series….

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