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  • Disney’s Zootopia taps into Millennial Marketing Playbook

    Millennials, they’re the age group every advertiser covets. Getting them to buy your product or watch your movie can make the difference between breaking even or hitting the box office jackpot. For its upcoming animated feature “Zootopia,” Disney has been trying to appeal to Millennials by creating marketing pieces that…

  • Pete’s Dragon official trailer

    The first official trailer Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dragon came out during the Disneyland 60th special. It looks like a more intense version of the original. Watch and tell us what you think below. August 12th is the theatrical debut.

  • Disney’s The Jungle Book TV spot – Live the Legend

    With its live-animation photo-realistic remake of the Walt Disney animated classic “The Jungle Book,” Disney is walking a fine line. They have to honor the classic, while at the same time meet the expectations of modern, more cinematic savvy audiences who are used to spectacle on a super-sized sale. In…

  • Teaser poster for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon

    We’re excited to have our first look at the teaser poster for Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon,” a reimagining of the Walt Disney Studios’ much-loved family film about the adventures of a boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon. Two things are hidden…

  • Disney’s The Jungle Book Super Bowl Trailer

    Didn’t watch the big game last night? Then you missed a trailer for Disney’s The Jungle Book that jumped right off the screen, or at least appeared to. I think we got the hint that the movie will be in 3-D. We actually have a completely different, but just as…

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