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Disney Research Showcases Video-Based 3D Motion Capture Through Biped Control

Disney Research Pittsburgh together with Brown University have released a video showcasing their latest project featuring video-based 3D motion capture through biped control. In plain language, that means it’s an easier way to capture and reproduce natural movement in markerless … Continue reading

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Mars Needs Moms – March 11th

While Gnomeo and Juliet are busy filling seats in theaters with a close second place over the weekend, another Disney funded animation project looms near. Mars Needs Mom will launch from a theater near you beginning March 11th. It features … Continue reading

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Disney to end Zemeckis style Motion Capture Animation?

The LA Times reports that Disney has decided to shut down the ImageMovers Digital studio, which Robert Zemeckis uses for most of his Motion Capture style of film making. That’s sad news for the 450 employees of IMD, but I … Continue reading

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Yellow Submarine remake officially announced

As  Beatlemania sweeps the world all over again this week with the issuing of the band’s remastered catalogue on CD and The Beatles: Rock Band video game, The Walt Disney Studios, The Beatles‘ company Apple Corps Ltd., and Robert Zemeckis’ Disney-owned studio … Continue reading

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Be The First To See The ALICE IN WONDERLAND Teaser Trailer!

Attention all Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, and general fans of the Disney order; now is your chance to be the first to see the debut of the Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer. The Loyal Subjects of the … Continue reading

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