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NTSB unloads documents related to Fatal July 2009 Monorail Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a group of documents related to its investigation of the fatal July 2009 monorail accident. I’ve opened a “group source” wiki to try and make sense of it all, establish a timeline, … Continue reading

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Disneyland Hotel turns 55

Another milestone anniversary has just been celebrated at Disneyland. The self-proclaimed “World’s Most Exciting Hotel” has just turned 55. When it opened the Disneyland Hotel was the first major hotel in Orange County. Things have changed a bit since then. … Continue reading

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Disney to refine Monorail Procedures with new Position

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Walt Disney World is refining its procedures at it’s Monorail system to include a new position, at a higher pay scale, who will be responsible for overseeing traffic along the system. We are still … Continue reading

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Very Short Monorail Expansion planned at Walt Disney World

Potentially interesting news from the excellent organization Monorails.org, mentions a new spurline to be added near the Ticket and Transportation Center. This short track extension will contain a new switch, a place to house a work tractor (used to push/pull … Continue reading

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Report of more Monorail Troubles at Disney World

A small incident on a Monorail at Walt Disney World resulted in a minor injury to a cast member and a report in the Orlando Sentinel. The monorail pilot received an electric shock while flipping a switch inside the nose … Continue reading

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