• Monorail Incident and New Train Color Rumor
    Monorail Incident and New Train Color Rumor

    I received an email report on an incident on the EPCOT monorail line last weekend. No one was reported injured, but it certainly sounds like some hair-raising moments. My sister and I were riding the monorail with my two nieces, who were on a stroller. It was around 9pm when…

  • Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT
    Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT

    Orlando Attractions Magazine has scored some of the first video of the newly wrapped Monorail advertising for Disney’s upcoming film TRON Legacy. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it: Now, some people have been complaining about this being a blatant ad that takes people out of the park…

  • Monorail Coral Smoke Incident Yesterday
    Monorail Coral Smoke Incident Yesterday

    Update: word is that the Express line at the MK had trouble tonight too with one train being pushed back to the barn. Monorails are known to be prone to brake fires. They’re usually small ones that are easily put out, sometimes just by the wind of travel. I’m hearing…

  • Fine for Monorail Accident reduced, excuse me?
    Fine for Monorail Accident reduced, excuse me?

    Disney and OHSA have settled the fine situation that resulted from its investigation of the July Monorail accident. Under the agreement, Disney agreed to correct all four safety violations cited by OSHA, including one lapse that the agency said contributed to the monorail crash. The agency cited Disney for broadly…

  • The Monorail Troubles
    The Monorail Troubles

    I’m getting a lot of reports about the troubles Disney had with the Magic Kingdom monorail system this weekend. Turns out the worst was some inconvenience for guests that Disney could have handled better. However, they’re really playing with fire. I have a report from someone who is very familiar…

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