• Monorail Peach Announced for Walt Disney World.
    Monorail Peach Announced for Walt Disney World.

    The Disney Parks blog has announced the addition of a twelfth monorail returning to the Walt Disney World fleet. That will bring the fleet back up to its full complement after the tragic accident in July of 2009. Monorail Peach will begin testing soon, albeit without its identifying stripe of…

  • The Monorails Must Roll
    The Monorails Must Roll

    The monorail station could be looking like this a lot more when Disney institutes its new reduced hours for the trains. One of my favorite Robert Heinlein short stories is “The Roads Must Roll.” Written in 1940, it speculates about a rapid transit system that would move people across the…

  • Disneyland Hotel turns 55
    Disneyland Hotel turns 55

    Another milestone anniversary has just been celebrated at Disneyland. The self-proclaimed “World’s Most Exciting Hotel” has just turned 55. When it opened the Disneyland Hotel was the first major hotel in Orange County. Things have changed a bit since then. Taken in 1961, the photo also shows the Monorail track…

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