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  • Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!
    Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

    We almost missed it, and that would have been embarrassing. Today in 1928 Mickey Mouse was created born, and we have all been celebrating ever since! That’s 85 years if you’re still doing the math. Happy birthday, Mickey Mouse! We’ll see you real soon … at 100.    

  • Mickey Mouse NCAA Football Poll
    Mickey Mouse NCAA Football Poll

    As a sports fan, Team Mickey in the Downtown Disney Marketplace is always on my must visit list when that credit card is burning a hole in my wallet. If you have a sports fan in your family, you can probably find a gift that will bridge the gap between…

  • Will Disney’s Copyright on Mickey Mouse Ever Expire?
    Will Disney’s Copyright on Mickey Mouse Ever Expire?

    Fifteen years ago Congress passed a 20 year extension of copyright in the USA. The Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act was also known as the Mickey Mouse Copyright Extension as The Walt Disney Company’s desire to keep Mickey Mouse protected by copyright was a significant driving force behind the legislation….

  • New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts
    New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts

    There are now 11 of the new Paul Rudish directed Mickey Mouse animated shorts available on YouTube. There will be 19 in the new series. So we have eight more to go. I really loved “Ghoul Friend” (Goofy Ghoul concept art above). Really a lot of classic Disney-gag style moments…

  • T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of
    T-Shirt Trouble, Sort of

    Followers of this blog know that I keep an eye out for any new t-shirts Disney sells at the parks. They’ve actually been pretty good about releasing humorous or trendy graphics on a regular basis. Summer has always been a slow time for new releases, but like a charm, on…

  • Mickey Mouse as Corporate Shill
    Mickey Mouse as Corporate Shill

    Anyone who is upset at the artistic license taken in representing Mickey Mouse in the new animated shorts should take a gander at this 1955 version of the classic character as envisioned by legendary Disney animator Tom Oreb. Mickey was given this modern update for a Nash car commercial. According…

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