• Brave Stories – Merida
    Brave Stories – Merida

    A new trailer from Pixar tells the story of Merida, the fiery redhead who is at the center of the animated feature Brave. There’s definitely some new footage in this clip, plus we get to learn more about Princess Merida. So far I like what I see, you?

  • New Brave Poster
    New Brave Poster

    Update: A new trailer with two minutes of footage from the film has been released. Watch it here. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about Pixar’s Brave. But a new Poster was just released and I’m getting excited again. Here is the official synopsis: Since ancient times,…

  • New Image from Brave Today, Full Length Trailer Tomorrow
    New Image from Brave Today, Full Length Trailer Tomorrow

    A new image from the upcoming Disney Pixar film “Brave” was released today. In it, you see Princess Merida sitting on the throne with her family looking unhappy. According to co-director Mark Andrews, “She isn’t your typical princess. She doesn’t wear nice clothes except in a couple of scenes when…

  • Brave – Another New Image
    Brave – Another New Image

    Another new image from Brave was released today. This shows Princess Merida turning toward the bear she encounters inside that ring of stones. I’ve also included a close up of her expression here. (click either to embiggen, of course) Great work from Pixar, don’t you think. Btw, this is very…

  • Brave Trailer
    Brave Trailer

    Looking for a full beautiful version of the Brave trailer? Here it is officially from Pixar this time. Previously: Brave from Pixar.

  • Brave Trailer
    Brave Trailer

    Update: Here’s the official Brave trailer from Pixar. Update: Sadly, Disney has asked youtube to remove the trailer. I’ll keep you posted when the trailer hits the internet for real. The quality on this is crappy (it was filmed of the screen in a theater somewhere), but even so, ‘Brave’…

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