• Disney Merchandise Highlight – New Shirts

    Most people probably think I’m strange, but one of my favorite things to do while at a Disney themepark is to pop into the stores to see if there is any new merchandise I haven’t seen. I’m a particular fan of t-shirts and Aloha pattern button down shirts. I like…

  • 2016 Walt Disney World Merchandise

    It’s not quite New Year’s Eve, but you can already pick up a few 2016 souvenirs on your trip to Walt Disney World. This year has a musical theme. Characters are often seen playing instruments and bars of music scroll through the background. The official tag line appears to be…

  • Retro Monorail Limited Edition Tee
    Retro Monorail Limited Edition Tee

    Good news, Disney is continuing it’s series of retro-inspired limited edition Disney Parks Authentic t-shirts. They’ve moved on from attraction posters to special designs meant to evoke that sense of longing and nostalgia we all have for the parks when we are away. Available today through January 25th, is a…

  • Magic Kingdom Merchandise Line
    Magic Kingdom Merchandise Line

    Sometimes the merchandise Disney creates is a home run and it flies off the shelf as fast as Disney can stock it and sometimes it just fails to move. Take a look at this recently released collection of Magic Kingdom souvenirs and tell me which category you think it belongs…

  • Marvel Super Hero Cereal Tees
    Marvel Super Hero Cereal Tees

    It’s a special twofury today on TeeFury. Not only do you get to pick between two fantastic Marvel inspired t-shirts, you get a free papercraft cereal box with your purchase. But don’t order yet, TeeFury is also having a “Super Cereal” flash sale with more Marvel cereal t-shirts, and a…

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