• A Disney Princess Battle on Tee Fury Today
    A Disney Princess Battle on Tee Fury Today

    Artist Karen Hallion, whose Steampunk Disney Princesses we profiled in 2011, obviously loves Disney. But did you know, she is also a Doctor Who fan. Her illustrations that mashup Disney and Doctor Who are some of my favorites. Today only on Tee Fury, you can participate in a shirt battle….

  • Monsters University Mashup by Corbin Hayes
    Monsters University Mashup by Corbin Hayes

    Watch Corbin Hayes’ Monsters University Mash Up in celebration of the upcoming Monsters University Short, “Party Central,” premiering March 21 in theatres with “Muppets Most Wanted!” Hayes is an electronic music producer originally from Tampa Bay, Florida. In Party Central, Mike and Sulley return to Monsters University for a fun-filled…

  • Happy Halloween – Remix
    Happy Halloween – Remix

    Okay, so I’m two holidays behind, but I just found this mashup featuring Walt Disney’s 1929 Mickey Mouse short “The Haunted House” with a new Halloween song from the eclectic band Doozy – It’s Halloween. Doozy is reviving prohibition pop and depression-era cheer via popular tunes of the 1920s &…

  • Dr. Who Disney Princess Cosplay Mashup is Spot On
    Disney Princess Dr Who Mashup

    Artist Amy Mebberson who previously brought us amazing Dr. Who Muppets mashup and pens a weekly comic of Disney Princesss Fan Art is bringing her latest mashup to Comic-Con in NYC this week. It’s a clever take on Disney Princesses with each of them dressed up like their favorite Doctor…

  • New Mashup: Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver
    New Mashup: Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver

    I love those trailer mashups that combine a Disney world with an unexpected source. Very little could be further from the world of Disney than Taxi Driver and yet Bryan Boyce has managed to make a perfect “fair use” parody trailer combining the two. According to Boyce this is a…

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