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LOST – The Candidate – Season 6, Episode 14

Your normal excellent recap artist @oohamanda is on her own island tonight and unable to complete her button pushing duties. So I’m filling in. This was such an amazing episode, I had to watch every scene twice, if not more, … Continue reading

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LOST spent $228+ million in Hawaii during filming

The hit ABC television show LOST spent over $228 million on the Hawaiian Islands over the last four years. This figure was revealed in a FOIA request by the Honolulu Advertiser. The paper wanted to know how large a tax … Continue reading

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Lost Season 6: The Last Recruit (Episode 13)

Oh, Losties. I’m sorry my post is a little late in getting up today. Last night’s episode completely hog-tied me. Hog-tied? Hornswaggled. Gobsmacked.  I don’t know. I felt like I was in a giant tractor trailer truck and it was … Continue reading

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Lost Season 6: Everybody Loves Hugo (Epsiode 12)

I read a theory by Doc Jensen about how in the end of Lost our two realities will keep going but in sideways LA, everyone (hopefully) will remember The Island and their experiences will merge in their head making a … Continue reading

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Lost Season 6: Happily Ever After (Episode 11)

I do not watch commercials during Lost. We watch another show until about 9:20 so we can fast forward through the commercials courtesy of our Tivo. Last night we were watching American Idol and after the 4th or 5th off … Continue reading

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