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  • Lost 5.9: Namaste
    Lost 5.9: Namaste

    Namaste. It’s one of those hippie yogi words that the Dharma Initiative uses as a greeting. And I think that’s exactly what this episode was—an intro into the second half of the season. This episode was just assembling our little cast into their positions so the war…or the epic…or the…

  • Lost 5.8: La Fleur
    Lost 5.8: La Fleur

    As much as I wanted to see a flashforward/back/present day story about Sayid…uhm, I don’t think there could be anything better than an Island story about Sawyer!! And it turned out better than I could have hoped—Sawyer is HAPPY. That’s all I’ve wanted–a happy Sawyer! The last scene has me…

  • Lost 5.6: 316
    Lost 5.6: 316

    Oh my dear Losties! The first five episodes of this season have been great. They’ve tied up some theories we’ve all wondered about. They’ve answered some questions. They’ve sent us on some trajectories that made us actually (ok, possibly) see where this show is headed. But last night. OH, LAST…

  • Lost 5.5: This Place Is Death
    Lost 5.5: This Place Is Death

    Can I just say how delicious last night’s episode was?! I know there’s a little talk about Lost’s ratings being down–but I couldn’t love the show more! We’ve had four seasons of character driven craziness. I have fallen in love with all of our Losties (and even our baddies) and…

  • Lost 5.4: The Little Prince
    Lost 5.4: The Little Prince

    That is the last time I read spoilers! There were several significantly omgyouhavegottoebekiddingme scenes and I knew every one of them before they happened. Hmph. That’s what I get for reading TV Guide. Not that it made last night’s episode any less amazing…just less heart palpitations for me. So we…

  • Lost 5.3: JUGHEAD
    Lost 5.3: JUGHEAD

    I have absolutely no idea what happened on Lost last night. But I loved every minute! Time travel is one of my favorite devices and last night’s episode was chock-full of it. I’m pretty sure this is how the rest of this season will be. A confusing mass of skipping…

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