• “Beauty and the Beast” as told by LEGO

    A new video shared by Disney goes inside the imagination of a young girl who uses LEGO toys and creative props to retell the story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The enchanting stop-motion animation video takes on the “tale as old as time,” including vignettes of Belle and the…

  • Big Thunder Mountain LEGO set needs your vote

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the most iconic Disney roller coasters (appearing at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland) and the Tom BrickProject wants it to be an iconic LEGO Set that you can build at home. This set contains the unique orange mountain-scape, gold mine,…

  • LEGO Cinderella Castle set will be huge!

    It might be the most sought after LEGO set ever for Disney fans, a new 4,080 piece Cinderella Castle set officially licensed by Disney. Set to retail for a cool $349.99, this set will no doubt be a future project for Disney families everywhere. I like the open back idea….

  • Ultra cute, Donald Duck LEGO Mini-car model

    As you may have heard there is now a Disney edition of LEGO minifigures, including Donald Duck. Of course that means soon we’ll have a whole set of Disney themed LEGO sets as well. Some fans don’t want to wait and have made their own models like this ultra cute…

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