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Marvel Superhero Exhibit on Display at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

If you want to see Marvel superheroes up close, Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas can help make that happen. As long as you don’t mind your superheroes being made of wax anyways. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee himself cut the … Continue reading

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Disney Lobbies to Prevent Las Vegas Style Gambling in Florida, Why Are People Shocked?

There is a big article in the Orlando Sentinel regarding Disney’s efforts to lobby the state for items it sees as beneficial to tourism in Central Florida. One of those items is a push to keep Las Vegas style casinos … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Monorail Woes

The Las Vegas monorail, which at one time used old Walt Disney World trains, has run into some financial troubles. That’s to be expected with the slowdown of tourism in the town. The bankruptcy will put a stop to the … Continue reading

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Travel Safety Issues in Orlando

This week yet another sexual assault incident at a Water Park, this time Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, was covered by the local press. It may seem like there have been dozens of reports this year, but it’s really just a handful. … Continue reading

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Disneyland to Vegas Maglev Receives Funding, or does it?

I saw a great headline that the much needed Maglev line between Anaheim’s resort district and the Las Vegas area had received federal funding to get started on the first phase. It was only $45 million toward a potential $12 … Continue reading

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