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Killer Whale dies in childbirth at SeaWorld Orlando

Sad news coming from SeaWorld Orlando tonight. Taima,one of the park’s two pregnant whales, died while giving birth, the calf was still born. SeaWorld has recently been picketed by protesters, after one of the Orcas killed a trainer. This tragedy … Continue reading

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Killer Whale Trainers at SeaWorld Examined

Reports and interviews created during an investigation of SeaWorld’s Orca Training program by the federal department OSHA provides what might be the most in depth look at what dangers trainers face yet. The Orlando Sentinel has some of the details, … Continue reading

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Check Out that Lucky Girl?

Who says that dreams don’t come true? Brooke Shields took a break from her busy schedule to get up close and personal with SeaWorld’s biggest star, Shamu. Shields was on vacation with her husband and two young daughters. The family took a … Continue reading

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